Submission Guidelines

          Submission Guidelines:

1. There is no reading fee for submissions.

2. Themes- There may be a general issue or a special theme issue. The details will be notified in the call for submission for each issue.

3. We accept simultaneous submissions but please inform us once your submission is accepted elsewhere.

4. Writers and artists maintain all rights to their work but please give us due credit and mention us as first publishers of your work if you plan to use it elsewhere. We hold non-exclusive archival rights for your work.

5. Submit only ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED works. (Click here to view the types and number of works that can be submitted). Your submission is taken as your claim that it is your original and unpublished work. The authors/artists/photographers will themselves be responsible for any PLAGIARIZED content.

6. All the views expressed in writing or through art/photography are that of the authors/artists/photographers and not of the team of the Literary Cocktail Magazine. 

7. Please submit your work in Microsoft Word format [either .doc or .docx]  for poems, stories and articles; the art work images/photographs to be sent in .jpg/.png format. Suggest a caption for the image/photograph being submitted.

8. In your mail, also write a short bio-note of ONE or TWO lines [Example: Sharon Das is a teacher from India who loves writing and teaching]. This is just an example, you can write it the way you want. As we value diversity, we would like you to share the place (country) you come from. You can mention your email and other social media links to be shared with the readers. Please do not send long bio-notes.

9. Send a photograph that you would want to go along with your work if it is accepted for publication.

10. If your work is accepted for publication, you will receive a mail of acceptance from us within three weeks AFTER the SUBMISSION DEADLINE is OVER. If you do not hear from us within this time period, you are free to submit your works to other platforms. In case of any query, you can contact us through mail.  

11. You can check our website and Instagram/Facebook pages for any updates about the release of the upcoming issue.

12. Please adhere to this formatting in written works:



1. Images that depict hatred, violence or bloodshed.

2. Erotica.

3. Anything that is racist, sexist or disparaging of any religion, nation, individual or community.


      Send your submissions to  

*Note - At present we are not a paying market.