About Us

Life is a cocktail of emotions and we are here to let you all spill forth those deep feelings, emotions, deliberations or observations. Realistic, abstract, imaginative . . . anything that has touched your soul or made you think or click/sketch/paint, we encourage you to submit.

We publish two issues of the Literary Cocktail Magazine every year- the spring and the fall. WE VALUE DIVERSITY and are open to submissions from ANYONE, from ANY PART OF THE WORLD.

You are invited to share with us your best pieces of creative works:

  • Poems (up to 20 lines; submit no more than 2 poems at a time)

  • Micro-fiction (up to 200 words; submit only 1 story)

  • Critical write-up/article on any topic related to literature/art/life (up to 300 words; submit only 1 piece of writing)

  • Works of art - painting(s), sketch(es) (submit no more than 2 works; send all images in .jpg/.png format)

  • Photograph(s) with a caption for that particular work (submit no more than 2 photographs; send all images in .jpg/.png format)

Please see the submission guidelines for other details.